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PCBbee offers cost-effective PCB,PCB Assembly prototype and batch manufacturing serivce.

  • Residue on PCBA


    The development trend of the electronic information industry has higher and higher requirements on the PCB assembly process, and the reliability and quality of the electronic complete machine product...

  • The Main Process of PCBA Testing


    PCBA testing refers to the testing of IC programming, circuit continuity, current, voltage, pressure and other aspects of the PCBA board. There are many uncontrollable factors in the production proce...

  • Six Ways to Prevent PCB Board from Bending and Warping


    When the PCB board passes through the reflow oven, board bending and board warping are prone to occur. How to prevent the PCB board from bending and warping when it passes through the PCB assembly ref...

  • Component Reliability Failure Analysis - MLCC


    Component Reliability Failure Analysis - MLCC 1.Introduction MLCC (Multi-layer Ceramic Capacitors) chip multilayer ceramic capacitors have various reasons for the failure of MLCCs. The materials,...

  • Thermal Profiles in PCB Assembly Production


    A proper thermal profiling in soldering operations can improve PCBA board quality. As boards go through solder re-flowor wave solder, every area of the board has to reach the right temperature ...

  • 2021 Chinese New Year Holiday Notice


    Dear Customers, PCBbee will have2021 Spring Festival - Chinese New Year holiday soon. Our factorywill be closed from Feb.7th to Feb.18th (GMT+8). You can stillplace orderduring our holiday, we will...

  • Soldering overview: reflow, wave and hand soldering


    There are three different ways that we solder electronic components to printed circuit boards. We’ll talk about three different forms of solder and three forms of flux-a material that removes any oxi...

  • Why double-sided assembled boards increase manufacturing costs?


    Let’s look at the manufacturing process for single-sided assembled vs double-sided boards and see how you can save money in manufacturing by following a few simple design guidelines. Frist let’s lo...

  • How SMT component packages affect manufacturing?


    Let’s talk about how the packaging of SMT components affects our PCBA manufacturing process. The most common packaging choice is tape and reel. A reel can hold thousands of small parts. For hundred...

  • Why through-hole technology is not dead?


    Most contract manufacturers concentrate on their surface mount technology capabilities for PCB assembly. The SMT lines can be almost completely automated to run a high volume of boards with little hum...