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Privacy Policy

Our Guarantee

We pledge to comply with the Chinese Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance and will meet or even exceed the internationally recognized standards of privacy protection. The Company also guarantees that our employees will do their best to protect the security of your personal information and will not be released.

Customer Service Personalization

We collect customer information to provide more personalized information, make your shopping in more convenient and happy.We use "cookies" to personalize our services and make your shopping on PCBbee sites more convenient. When you enter the PCBbee Shopping website again, our cookie can identify you.
We use a first-party cookie, such as Google Analytics, that enables us to view information about users' activity on our site, including but not limited to page views, sources and time spent on the site. This information is not humanized and will only appear as a number, indicating that it can not be traced back to an individual. This will help protect your privacy. We use software such as Google Analytics to see what's welcome on the, giving you more content that you're interested in reading and watching.
We may also use Google's Google AdSense ads to place a cookie on your browser while you are browsing web pages and websites. This cookie is used to display products or services that are right for you and you are interested in. Targeted ads based on your past browsing history. These cookies use "non-personally identifiable information"; they do not track your personal information, such as your name, email address, residence address, telephone number, social security number, bank account number or credit card number.

Data Protection

PCBbee is committed to the security of your personal information (including name, email address, address, phone number, credit card details, and purchase history). Our Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) ensures that your data will not be read by third parties while it is being delivered. We also do not allow any person or organization to read customer information without authorization.
We will not sell or disclose your personal data without your consent, except in the following circumstances:
- Any agents, contractors and service providers serving the operation of, including administration, order processing, electronic communications, computers, payment and other services;
- Any person or organization that has a confidentiality agreement with us, - Any person or organization which we believe is obliged to disclose information to it under the law.

Your Approval

When you use the PCBbee website, you agree that we collect and use your personal information in accordance with the privacy policy described above. If there is any change in our privacy policy, we will post it on the website as soon as possible to let you know how we collect, use and under what conditions we disclose your information.

Shopping Information

When you shop at PCBbee website, we need you to provide some information such as telephone, email, credit card information and shipping address, so that we can process your order as soon as possible and notify your order delivery.