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Through Hole Assembly

* PCBbee Through Hole PCB Assembly Service

In through-hole PCB assembly process, components are inserted into plated through holes drilled in PCB boards and soldered to pads on the opposite side. Compared with SMT assembly technology, THT (through hole technology) assembly can get a much stronger and more reliable mechanical connection between the components and PCB boards. THT assembly is widely used on products like power supplies, LED lighting, security alarms and so on. At PCBbee, 20% of the parts we buy are through-hole components, we offer THT assembly service from prototype to big volume. With 2 lead free THT assembly lines, 2 post soldering lines and 3+ years experienced trained workers to perform the THT assembly process, our THT assembly quality is stable and meet our customers' requirements about delivery time and cost.

* PCBbee THT Assembly Capability

PCBbee has been providing THT assembly since 2009 with many long term customers worldwide. We offer the following THT assembly service:

– Incoing Quality Inspection on THT components
– Automatic re-shape components
– Manual Insertion Placement of Components
– Hand Soldering by skilled workers
– THT assembly fixture for better quality and higher efficiency
– ESD THT assembly
– RoHS compliant Soldering Process
– AOI Inspection and functional testings
– Conformal Coating
– THT Assembly for all shapes; Cables, DC fans, heats sinks, Sockets, Screws, displays…
– THT chips Programming
– Automatic & semi-automatic PCBA depanelizer
– Wave soldering fixtures for parts protection
– MAX Temperature of wave soldering: 300℃

* PCBbee THT Assembly Department

In PCBbee's THT assembly department, there are 2 lead free THT assembly lines, 2 post soldering lines, 23 well trained workers and 2 quality control managers with more than 5 years experience. No matter your order is 5pcs or 1000000pcs, you can rely on us to produce high quality and cost-effective THT assembly boards.