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SMT Assembly

* PCBbee SMT PCB Assembly Service

As a more than 10 years ISO 9001 certified PCB assembly manufacturer, PCBbee offers high quality SMT assembly services with cost-effective price and fast leadtime for many clients across a multitude of industries. On our advance automated SMT assembly production lines, we are capable of assembling PCBA boards from prototype to big volume production, with single or double sided placement of all types components. Our 5+ years experienced & trained PCBA staff, confirmed manufacturing instruction, the whole machines management and maintenance, strict automated optical inspection and monitoring as well as working instructions, all of these make the SMT assembly production quality in controlled, and meet our customers' design requirements.

* PCBBee's SMT Assembly Capabilities 

  • Maximum Size

    PCB size: Min. 50mm x 50mm~Max. 510 x 460mm
    PCB thickness: Min. 0.3mm~Max. 4.5mm
    Max. part height: 25mm
    Max. part size: 150mm*150mm
    Max. part mounting accuracy (100QFP) 22um@IPC
  • Minimum Size

    Min. chip part: 0201 & 01005 package
    Min. fine pitch distance: 0.3 pitch
    Min. BGA pitch: 0.3 pitch
    Min. BGA size: 0.3mm
  • Max. chip/Hr

    Max. chip/Hr: 502000
    Specialty: BGA assembly

* PCBBee's SMT Assembly Equipments


    IPC speed: 79,000 cph
    Mounting accuracy : ± 22 μm / 3σ
    Angle accuracy: ± 0.05° / 3σ
    Mounting range: 01005, 0201, to 45mm*55mm
    Design of intelligent error proofing feeder.

    IPC speed: 65,000 cph
    Mounting accuracy : ±22μm/3σ
    Angle accuracy: ±0.2°/3σ
    Mounting range: 01005 to 50x40mm
    Design of intelligent error proofing feeder.

    IPC speed: 57,000 cph
    Mounting accuracy : ± 50 μm/3σ
    Angle accuracy: ± 0,53 μm/3σ
    Mounting range: 01005 to 56mm*56mm*15mm
    Design of intelligent error proofing feeder.
  • Intelligent First Article Inspection System

    Process: wash free process, lead-free process
    Accuracy: check the drawings, coordinates and BOM
    Reliable: two way to find errors and omissions
    Visual: enlarge the object, high definition, easy to identify and locate.
  • Solder Paste Inspection(SPI)

    The projection light system has the same speed and performance, and the resolution of the camera is 10um, 15um and 20um.
    Accuracy: less than ± 10um
    SPI synchronizes bad mark info. with placement machine.
  • Automated Optical Inspection(AOI)

    MV-6DL online 1 machine 10 megapixel, precision: 0201 chip, 0.3mm spacing. ALD 510 3 machines
    Can detect wrong parts, missing parts, reverse direction, offset, short circuit, polarity error, empty welding, damaged parts, and other defects.

* PCBBee's SMT PCB Assembly Procedures

1. Material Preparation
Whether it is components or solder paste, our suppliers are all long-term stable quality partners. PCBbee's professional sourcing team will prepare PCB bare board, electronic components and stencil according to customer's requirements. We will keep in touch with the customers, without the customer's confirmation, we will not arbitrarily change any parts.

2. Solder Paste Printing
The solder paste is a mixture of tiny beads of metal solder and tacky flux which are used to connect the components with the pads on PCB boards. We use automatic solder paste printer to improve production efficiency, reduce defect rate and cost. After this process, a layer of solder paste is laid on the pads of PCB board.

3. Solder Paste Inspection
Many SMT assembly quality defects are related to the quality of solder paste printing. PCBbee's solder paste inspection adopts laser non-contact advanced automatic measurement method, high precision, fast speed, and little influence of human factors and environment. Monitoring the thickness and change trend of solder paste is the key to improve SMT assembled PCBA boards' production quality and reduce repair cost.

4. SMT Placement
Then the PCB is put into the pick and place machine where we use Siemens high speed machines to place the components into the solder paste on pads. Minimum components 01005, maximum 56mm*56mm. Support Maximum PCB size 510mm*460mm. The placement speed is up to 79000cph.

5. Reflow Soldering
After pick & place machines, the PCBs are put into the reflow soldering oven where the solder paste will melt and solidify and the electronic components will be firmly fixed on the pads of PCB boards. PCBbee's reflow soldering ovens have 10 temperature zones and we always design and apply different temperature profiles for different PCBA projects.

6. First Article Inspection
We have experienced staff to do the first article inspection, to check whether it is fully consistent with the customer's data requirements, whether the components are installed correctly and so on. The first inspection inspection is an effective measure to find problems as soon as possible and prevent the PCBA products from being scrapped in batches. Through the first article inspection, it can be found that if there are some systematic reasons, such as installation positioning errors, wrong reading of drawings. For PCBA batch production, first article usually means prototype boards.

7. Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)
After reflow soldering, PCB boards will be tested by AOI machine. It can effectively detect the polarity errors, leaks, deviations, reverses, damage, empty welding and so on. It is fast and precise and can ensure the quality control of SMT production. PCBA boards that fail the test will be sent back for repair until they are qualified.

8. X-Ray Testing
The AOI machine can not test circuit boards with BGA, CSP, LGA components, then we need to use X-Ray testing to monitor the SMT assembly production process. It can timely correct the position of components on the board, and prevent the occurrence of welding problems(open circuit, short circuit, leak welding, etc).

  • Automatic Stencil Printer

  • Solder Paste Inspection(SPI)

  • Pick & Place Machines

  • X- Ray

  • Automated Optical Inspection(AOI)

  • Reflow Oven

* Advantages of PCBBee's SMT Assembly Service

  • 24 Hours Fast Delivery
  • Accept 5pcs to 100000pcs
  • Siemens advanced Equipment, Precise Mounting
  • AOI, X-Ray 100% Inspection
  • Support Turnkey, Customer Material Supply, Part of Material Supply Service

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