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Found in 2009, PCBbee is the most cost-effective PCB & PCBA manufacturing factory in China. We can offer all kinds of PCB & PCB assembly services from small quantity prototype to batch production, with high quality, on time delivery and quick response customer service. We are located in south of China, Shenzhen city, the electronic industry center of Chinese. By introducing advanced machinery and equipment from the United States, Japan, Germany and Israel, our production technology has improved significantly and ensure that the best quality PCB & PCB Assembly boards are provided to all our customers. Our PCBA boards are widely used in computer equipment, communications products, consumer electronics, automotive medical electronics, instrumentation and aerospace equipment and other industries. We often organize staff training in all sectors of the company to improve workers' operative skills and reduce operational errors, so as to provide our customers with the best products and service. At the same time, we develop PCB online ordering system to facilitate customers to calculate prices on our website at any time and place, place order, make payment, tracking orders and delivery. This way saves a lot of waiting time than traditional mail quotations and orders and at the same time, shorten the time of the customer’s design to the final product. We have served tens of thousands of customers all over the world and received positive feedback from our customers. 

So far, PCBbee has 2000 square meters of plant, 97 employees. We are ISO9001, ROHS certified, and UL listed.  PCBbee will continue to focus on customer value, innovation, high quality, efficient delivery speed and perfect after-sales service, to become the most trusted PCB & PCBA manufacturer.




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PCBbee is a PCB and PCB Assembly manufacturer focus on PCB and PCBA prototype and small batch fabrication services. We develop robust solutions that ensure excellence in quality of the PCB board and on-time delivery. Our manufacturing facilities adhere to strict processes with ISO 9001:2008 certification.

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