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PCBbee’s Quality Management

Located in China Shenzhen, as an ISO 9001 certified PCB and PCB assembly manufacturer, PCBbee always carry out strict quality and process control to ensure customers' final products meet their design, and effectively reduce the rate of non-performing PCB & PCBA, therefore save our customers' time & money.

Evaluation of Suppliers
From the manufacturers of materials (solder paste etc.) to components distributors, the stable source and quality of raw materials is the basis to ensure the long-term stability of PCB and PCBA boards quality. Suppliers must be audited before approval by PCBbee supplier evaluation team. In addition, PCBbee will appraise and rank every supplier once a year to guarantee the suppliers provide the quality materials meeting PCBbee 's requirements.

MI (Manufacturing Instruction)
After receiving the customers’ PCBA data (PCB Gerber files, BOM list, schematic diagram), PCBbee will evaluate and transform them into manufacturing files & Manufacturing Instruction (MI) according to PCBbee’s real manufacturing process and technologies. MI will be reviewed by engineers and make sure manufacturing documentation is correct.

IQC (Incoming Quality Control) 

PCBbee has established strict inspection standards to control incoming materials(solder paste, electronics components etc.), and all materials will be reviewed by experienced quality departments staffs before putting into the warehousing. The company has a variety of precision testing instruments and equipment to ensure that the correct judgment of raw materials are up to standard. After the materials are approved, they are entered into a material management system, which prioritizes the material in a first-in-first-out method. The material management system can monitor the expiration dates of materials.This move the quality control forward, find the quality problems at the front end, reduce the quality cost and achieve effective control.


Fabrication’s Process Controls 
Correct manufacturing instruction, the whole equipment management and maintenance, strict inspection and monitoring as well as working instructions, all of these make the production process quality in controlled. Extensive in-house quality assurance testing protocols that are carried out after each stage of the production process. PCBbee perform E test, AOI tests, X-Ray inspections, high-voltage and function tests etc. to guarantee the finished PCB and PCB assembly boards reach the requirements of customers' spec.