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PCBbee offers cost-effective PCB,PCB Assembly prototype and batch manufacturing serivce.

  • 2019 National Day Notice


    Dear Customers, We will celebrate the 2019 National Day from October 1, 2019 to October 4, 2019. Please arrange your orders in advance to avoid any PCB and PCBA production delay. Sorry for a...

  • Reasons for PCB Assembly Defect


    1. Layout Design Issues: (1) Bad package design; (2) Layout too close leads to connection and dislocation. (3) The serious asymmetry of copper foil on SMT pad or large area copper cladding lead...

  • PCB vs PCBA, What is the difference?


    1. About PCB PCB is an important electronic component, the support of electronic components, and the provider of electrical connection of electronic components. Because it is made by electronic pri...

  • What rules should PCB assembly processing follow?


    PCBA is the process of SMT on the barePCB board and DIP plug-in. It involves many elaborate and complex processes and some sensitive components. If the operation is not standardized, it will cause...

  • PCB Assembly Process Steps


    The production process of PCBA is mainly as follows: purchasing materials →solder paste printing→solder paste thickness gauge →mounting machine→reflow welding →AOI →DIP plug-in →wave solderin...

  • Do you really know PCB? Take you to unlock the secret of PCB board!


    1. Who is noble? The secret of PCB color Many DIY players will find that PCB colors used in various pcb card products in the market are dazzling. The more common PCB colors are black, green, blue, ...

  • PCB Assembly Testing Methods


    Due to the development of SMT technology, componentsof PCBA assembly become smaller and smaller, so that PCBA has more powerful functions. At the same time, it also brings tremendous challenges for t...

  • Surface Treatment of PCB--Difference Between Immersion Gold and Plated Gold


    Surface Treatment of PCB -----Difference Between Immersion Gold and Plated Gold There are several kinds of surface treatment processes for PCB: smooth board (no surface treatment), OSP (organic ...

  • 2019 Chinese Lunar New Year Holiday Notice


    PCBbee will have 2019 Spring Festival - Chinese New Year holiday soon. Our factory will be closed from Jan 26th to Feb 11th (GMT+8).

  • Detailed explanation of three common drilling holes in PCB


    Introduce the common drilling holes in PCB: through hole, blind hole and buried hole.