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Component Sourcing

* PCBBee's Component Sourcing Service

Never underestimate the importance of electronic components in PCBA projects, even small failure on small parts can cause the damage of an electronic product. The precision and quality of components in BOM list affect the life cycle and reliability of the electronic product. During the past 10+ years, PCBbee has established long-term cooperaton relatonship with many electronic component suppliers in mainland China and overseas countries. We work with major global distributors such as Mouser, Arrow, DigiKey, RS components, element 14 etc., to ensure the quality of PCB assembly manufacturing with 100% absolute original components. We have a professional purchasing team of electronic engineer with more than 5 years experience of components procurement. Our procurement engineers can provide sourcing service for your entire BOM, and you don't have to spend too much effort on checking and comparing multiple

* PCBBee's Component Sourcing Capabilities  

  • Minimum Quantity: 5pcs.

  • Components Type: Passive parts: Capacitors, Resistors, Inductors, Switches, Diodes, Fuses, Relays, Transformers, Crystals, Connectors, Wire harness etc.
    Active parts: Transistors, Analog and Digital ICs, MCUs, DSPs, FPGA, Memorries, BLE Modules, GPS, GPRS Modules, Power Modules, etc.

  • Components Quality: Sourced from PCBbee's long-term cooperational components partners and special channel from major global distributors like Mouser, Digikey, Arrow etc. We strictly perform incoming quality control inspection on components by experienced quality staffs before putting into the warehousing.

  • Purchasing Time: We have many kinds of commonly used passive components in stock for PCBA prototyping or batch quantity manufacturing; for active components such as transistors, analog integrated circuits, digital integrated circuits, our sourcing team will select the best option from our many sourcing channels built in our 12 years experience.

  • Components Price: Based on our 10+ years connections with components producers and distributors in local and abroad, we can get better price than our customers.

* How to Get Quotation of BOM list

1. To purchase your components fast and accurately, please make sure your Bill of Material (BOM) has detailed information of items, value, package, description, part number, etc. (See below a sample format of BOM)

2. When your BOM list is ready, please send it to , we will send you complete quotation as fast as 2 hours!


Item # *Designator *Qty Manufacturer *Manufacturer Part NO. Description / Value *Package Type Your Instructions / Notes
1 R33 1 Panasonic Electronic Components ERJ-2RKF4702X RES SMD 47K OHM 1% 1/10W 0402 0402 SMD
2 R36 1 Panasonic Electronic Components ERJ-2RKF8452X RES SMD 84.5K OHM 1% 1/10W 0402 0402 SMD
3 R37 1 Panasonic Electronic Components ERJ-2RKF4642X RES SMD 46.4K OHM 1% 1/10W 0402 0402 SMD
4 R4,R6-R8 4 Panasonic Electronic Components ERJ-P06J101V RES SMD 100 OHM 5% 1/2W 0805 0805 SMD
5 R48 1 TE Connectivity Passive Product CRGCQ0402F120R CRGCQ 0402 120R 1% 0402 SMD
6 R49 1 TE Connectivity Passive Product CRGCQ0402J330R CRGCQ 0402 330R 5% 0402 SMD

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