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PCB vs PCBA, What is the difference?

Time: 2019-04-16 View: 1389

1. About PCB

PCB is an important electronic component, the support of electronic components, and the provider of electrical connection of electronic components. Because it is made by electronic printing, it is called "printed" circuit board.

2. About PCBA

PCBA refers to assembling various electronic components on circuit boards through surface mounting process. Next is box assembly, which will assemble the assembled PCB with the shell and other components to form the finished product. That is to say, PCB bare board passes through SMT parts, and then through the whole process of DIP plug-in. PCBA is the PCB with components.

3. Differences Between PCB and PCBA

3.1. Conceptually: PCB refers to bare PCB board, while PCBA refers to PCB with components through plug-in assembly and SMT process, PCBA are finished boards.

         3.2. Difference: PCB is called "Printed Circuit Board", which is made of epoxy glass resin. According to the number of signal layers, PCB can be divided into 4 Layers, 6 Layers and 8 Layers boards.  4 Layers and 6 Layers boards are common. PCBA can be understood as finished circuit boards, which means that PCBA can not be counted until the process on the circuit board has been completed. Chips and other electronics components are assembled to the PCB.

3.3. Process: PCB bare board through SMT parts, and then through the whole process of DIP plug-in, then it can be called PCBA. PCB usually designs printed circuits, printed components or conductive graphics on insulating materials according to predetermined design, which are called printed circuits. In this way, the finished board of printed circuit is called printed circuit board.

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